Noble Friends Drug Rehabilitation Centre


‘Noble Friends Rehabilitation Centre’, is a proposed rehabilitation centre for drugs and alcohol dependents. The proposed centre is to be designed and built by Vimukthi Foundation, a non-profit, state-registered, social-services charity organisation affiliated with Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery.

The project site is approximately seven kilometres from Maha Ingiriya Junction, Ingiriya of the Kalutara district in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. In its initial implementation, the proposed centre will be able to accommodate 40 male clients, with subsequent phases planned to uplift capacity to 100.

Over the past few years, we have developed a comprehensive rehabilitation programme which is fundamentally based in Theravadin Buddhist teachings and implemented through a medium comprising modern methods. Trials with several drug dependents have achieved outstanding success. We see an opportunity and more acutely, a timely necessity to expand this programme to extend its benefits to the people.

The proposed project ‘Noble Friends Rehabilitation Centre’ introduces a revolutionary and the mostsustainable counselling methodology in history to address this critical national issue.

We aim to enable our youth whose academic and vocational development has been impaired by drug-dependence, to complete their education, acquire vocational skills and return to the job market to engage in gainful employment and contribute productively to the national economy.

In addition, the centre will also provide family members of the rehabilitants comprehensive support to recover from the debilitating emotional and social impact of drug use.


Youth Academy

A private educational institution to provide free, world-class primary and secondary education.

Offering the best of both local and international curriculums, the school is founded in an ethos of instilling noble values, virtues and exemplary manners in the minds of its young male students aged between 14 and 16.


The school aims to produce charismatic youth who demonstrate a high level of integrity, have an almost infectious positive attitude to challenges and are uncompromisingly virtuous in character. They will possess a range of practical life skills acquired through a comprehensive extra-curricular programme. Globally aware, intellectually curious, and passionate life-long learners, they will go on to become future leaders in their communities.

Noble Hearts


This centre’s purpose is to protect and enhance the quality of life of orphaned children in Sri Lanka who require custody and security under court order.

This project aims to implement a holistic framework based in Buddhist principles and values with the objective of empowering every orphaned child in our care to achieve their maximum personal potential by creating a wholesome environment in which they feel safe, loved and highly motivated to go on to become virtuous and distinguished world-class citizens of the 21st century. A comprehensive child development programme which focuses on gradually uplifting the child from a deserving